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A Woman's Work: A Novel, The Storied Life of Pioneer Esther Morris, the World's First Female Justice of the Peace published October 2017 by TwoDot an imprint of Globe Pequot. Esther Morris was a unique American woman whose life paralleled the dramatic events of the 19th century. She lived on three frontiers and made a difference on each one. Ultimately, by organizing what may have been the second most important tea party in American history, she made it possible for Wyoming to be the first place in America where women had the legal right to vote. This creative dramatization is based on Morris's amazing life and explores the myths and truths in this story of a woman who shaped American history.


Heroes of New York Harbor: Tales from the City's Port published October 2016 by Globe Pequot Press. Compelling true stories of people who made a big difference. This is also my love story to the harbor.


A Woman's Work: The Storied Life of Esther Morris, the World's First Female Justice of the Peace, 2017

Heroes of New York Harbor: Tales from the City's Port, 2016

The New Native American Cuisine: 5-Star Recipes from the Chefs of Arizona's Kai Restaurant , Globe Pequot Press, 2009

The Texas Hill Country Cookbook: A Taste of Provence, with Chef Scott Cohen, Globe Pequot Press, 2007

The Oxford Encyclopedia of American Food and Drink, Contributor, Oxford University Press, 2004

Glorious Chocolate: The Chocolatier Cookbook, Contributor, Simon and Schuster, 1989

Great American Chili Book, Ghostwriter: Rawson/Wade, 1980

For and About Women

Playing Like a Girl: Transforming Our Lives through Team Sports, Contemporary Books, 2001, 2002, 2009

What to Do When Love Turns Violent, A Practical Resource for Women in Abusive Relationships, Harper Collins, 1997, 2009

Books About Health

Say Goodbye to Knee Pain with Jo Hannafin, MD, PhD, Pocket Books, 2007

The Doctor’s Guide to Gastrointestinal Health with Paul Miskovitz, MD, John Wiley & Sons, 2005

Say Goodbye to Back Pain with Emile Hiesiger, MD, Pocket Books, 2004

What to do if You Get Breast Cancer with Lydia Komarnicky, MD, and Anne Rosenberg, MD, Little Brown and Co, 1995


A Woman's Work: The Storied Life of Esther Morris the First Female Justice of the Peace, 2017, Two Dot Press


Zebra in the Water, Publish America, 2002

ARTICLES (selected list, alphabetical by publication)

American Heritage Magazine (online)

Finding Your Roots in Germany, August 2007

The Grand Canyon Railway, Back in Business, June 2007

Revisiting the Birth of British America—in Britain, March 2007

Through the Centuries in Southeastern Connecticut, January 2007

The All American Azores, September 2006

The Historic Wine Trails of Virginia, September 2006

Horse Capital of the World, Past and Present, June 2006

Where Does America Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? Almost Everywhere, March 2006

Associated Press Features

Pumpkins: Great Gourds Are More Than Just Fall Decorations, November 2006

Less is More in Elegant Lever House Cuisine, October 2006

Chefs Visit Revives Family Memories of Finnish Food Tradition, February 2006

Chef Shares Top Five Rules for Making Crab Cakes, July 2006

Long Time Silent Partner of Salt, Pepper Has a Spicy History of its Own, December 2005

Sardinian Food Fuels Long Years of Happy Cooking and Eating, September 2005

Keys to Canapes (Key West Chef), December 2004

Salsa with a Splash, September 2004

Squash Soup Big South African Favorite, October 2004

America’s Best Food is Hyphenated Says Chef David Rosengarten, June 2004

Shipboard Chef Stays in Motion (Todd English on Queen Mary 2), June 2004

Early Years on Fishing Docks Inspires Chef’s Seafood Restaurant (Jimmy Bradley), April 2004

A Tour of the Waldorf=Astoria Kitchens with Chef John Doherty, January 2004

Cool yet Hot: Seviche Dishes are No Cook Wonders, December 2003

Tuscan Chefs at the United Nations, December 2003

Love of White Asparagus: Chef Martin Heierling of the Bellagio, November 2003

Still Feeding the Gangs: The Bridge Café, March 2003

Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings Said Cooking was Her Only Vanity, November 2002

Chef (Daniel Boulud) Recalls Boyhood in France, April 2002

East Coast Chef (Michael Lomonaco) Adapts Southern Barbecue, July 2001

Chile Pepper Magazine

Chips off the Old Vat, June 2006

Nashville’s Hot Chicken: Not for the Faint of Heart, June 2005

Chocolatier Magazine

Egg Creams: A Gulp of New York Nostalgia, November 1987 (German National Tourist Office)

Experiencing Northern Germany, April 2008

Everett Potter's Travel Report

Revel and Restore Your Soul with a Weekend in the Catskills, November, 2018


New York's Oyster History if Alive and Well, October, 2018


Brooklyn: On the Waterfront, March, 2018


Delmonico's Celebrates the First Women's Power Lunch in 1868, May, 2017


The View from New York's Battery, November 2016


The Other Side of Nashville, February 2012

Lordly Views, History and Elegance Highlight a Hudson Valley Visit, December 2012

60 Years of Rock and Roll in Memphis, June 2014

The Culinary Traditions of Estonia: Naturally Sophisticated, January 2015

A Visit to St. Petersburg, February 2015

Chattanooga: A City to Sing About, March 2015

Music City Hits the High Notes, May 2015

Kansas City Here I Come, September 2015

Philadelphia: A Vibrant City of Culture and Fun, May 2016

Irish America Magazine

The Irishman Who Built New York Harbor, April/May 2017


The Irish Mansion in Greenville, Tennessee, February/March 2011

Moran Family Reunites in Brooklyn, January 2010

Old St. Patrick's Church, August/September 2009

Tug o My Heart: McAllister Towing Carries Family Business into a Third Century, June/July 2009

The Kennedy Museum in Berlin, February/March 2009

Back from Iraq: New York’s Fighting 69th and Louisiana’s Tiger Brigade Celebrate

Homecoming on St. Patrick’s Day, June/July 2006

Chef Bobby Flay is a Proud Irish American, April/May 2006

St. Mary of Sorrows, December/January 2005

Immigrant Ghosts on Street of Ships, August/September 2004

Meet Eve Bunting: Irish born Children’s Book Author Talks to Marian Betancourt, June/July 2004

Irish America on Airlift to Baghdad, October/November 2003

The Travels of Jeanie Johnston, October/November 2003

The Irish Brigade Rides Again (On the Subway), August/September 2003

From the Little Big Horn to Baghdad the 7th Cavalry Rides with Garryowen, June/July 2003

Tug O’ the Heart: The History of the Moran Tugboat Family, February/March 2003

Dynamite Johnny O’Brien: Cuba’s American Hero, Dec/Jan 2003

Luxury Web Magazine (online)

Global Cuisine Takes on New Meaning, March 2011

Inn By the Sea, February 2011

Warm and Welcoming, Le Perigord Showcases Classic French Cuisine, July 2010

Packing Artist Has the World in Her Suitcase, August 2010

Sofitel: The Delicious Coeur of Philadelphia's French Quarter, March 2010

The Luxury Hotels of Eastern Germany, March 2009

Wining and Dining a Crowd at Sea, February 2009

Attention Foodies: Baltimore is Not Just a City for Crabs, December 2008

Your Own Small Luxury Area within the Larger Resorts in Scottsdale, June 2008

London: The City That Defines Luxury, November 2007

Sailing the Mediterranean on the Seven Seas Voyager, March 2007

New Choices

Caregiving: Recruiting the Help of Friends and Family, December 1998

Philadelphia Inquirer Magazine

Whatever Floats Your Boat, January 1992

Working Without a Net, January 1991

Philadelphia Magazine

Singing the Blues (cheese), August 1991

Promenade Magazine

Celebrating American Cuisine, Winter 2014

Dining on the City's Best Mediterranean Cuisine, Fall 2014

By the Sea, Summer 2014

Perfect Pan Asian, Spring 2014

Winter Cheer, Winter 2013

Newcomers, Fall 2013: Paramont Bar and Grill, Hanjan, North End Grill, Alison 18, Stella 34, ABC Cocina, Anadana, Hakkassan

AlFresco, Summer 2013: Salinas, Chez Josephine, A Voce Madison, Bryant Park Grill, La Mangeoire

Landmarks, Spring 2013: Patsy's, Oyster Bar, One if by Land, the Original Delmonico's

Luscious Latin, Winter 2012: Crema, Ofrenda, El Parador, Fonda

Pre-Theatre, Fall 2012: Nougatine, Lincoln, CaVa Brasserie

Mediterranean, Summer 2012: Taboon, Ai Fiori, Thalassa, Red Cat, Molyvos

Breakfasts, Spring 2012: The Palm Court, Norma's, The National, The Garden at the Four Seasons

The Other Europeans, Winter 2011: Mary Queen of Scots, Acquavit, Cafe Saborsky

Lounges, Fall 2011: Lamb's Club, SD 26, Bar at Andaz, Los Feliz

AlFresco Dining, Summer 2011: Oceana, iTrulli, Blue Water Grill, Pampano, Sea Grill

Farm to Table Restaurants,Spring 2011: Telepan, Aureole, Rouge Tomate, Marc Forgione, The Harrison, Gotham Bar and Grill

Asian Restaurants, Winter 2010: Buddakan, Sushi Zen, Tao, Shun Lee Palace, Asiate, Hakubai

Open Kitchens, Fall 2010: Bar Americain, Kelari Taverna, A Voce, Olives, Aldea, Mercer Kitchen

Sante Magazine

Delmonico's Celebrates 185 Years, May, 2018


Turning the Tables: The Harrison, September/October 2009

Eastern Oysters: Underwater Terroir, September/October 2009

Water Ways, June 2009

A Spring Thing: Americans Love Lamb, March/April 2009

Courting the Wild Crustacean, May 2008

Matchmaking with Nobuo Fukuda, May 2008

From the Danube to Downtown, A Chef Seminar with Kurt Guttenbrunner, October 2007

From Haute to Healthy, Chef David Bouley, October 2007

Stepping Up to the Blue-footed Chicken, October 2007

Dutch Sushi at the Oyster Bar, September 2007

Clarifying Italian Cuisine, September 2007

Chef Stimulates Airborne Appetites, June 2007

The Defining Dishes of Portugal, May 2007

Victorian Vitality: The Fairmont Empress, November 2006

Cloning a Cuisine: Rosa Mexicana Multiples, October 2006

Matchmaking with Sommelier Mary Watson Delauder, October 2006

Wear it Well, Choosing Staff Uniforms, June 2006

Fan for Big Bird (Ostrich), May 2006

Beyond Beluga: Pleasing the Caviar Crowd, December 2005

Spear Parts: Cooking with Asparagus, March/April 2005

Hot Potato: The New Celebrity Spuds, October 2004

Sports Illustrated (writing as Marian Leifsen)

A House Divided, March 1979

Travel and Leisure Magazine (writing as Marian Leifsen)

The Dog Museum of America, February 1984

Lights, Cameras, Action! Two Hours of New York in
Multi-Media, January 1983

Stalking the Gourmet Antique, February, 1980

Travel Lady Magazine (online)

A Brand New Hotel in a Brand New City on the Potomac River, November 2008

Healdsburg, California’s Honor Mansion, July 2008

Nice and Marseille Are Magical Cities on the French Mediterranean, June 2008

The Hip and Historic Combine for a Vibrant San Antonio, May 2008

Enjoying the Rich History of New Jersey’s Gateway Area, April 2008

Tamarind Lends Sweet and Sour Zest to Indian Food, June 2006

Historic Saratoga Springs Inn is Home to Irish American “Spirits,” March 2006

Anguilla is the Go-to Caribbean Island for Foodies, March 2006

Food and Wine is a Top Bet at Mohegan Sun Casino, February 2006

Belfast, Maine: A Town to Make You Fall in Love with America All Over Again, December 2005

Hemingway Days, Havana Nights in Key West, September 2005

Oldest Catholic Church in Fairfax, a National Landmark, Was Built by Irish Railroad Workers, July 2005

Ham and Cheese Rules in Northern Italy, July 2005

Meat “N” Three is Comfort Food in Nashville Area, June 2005

Fredericksburg, Texas is Mecca for World War II Buffs, June 2005

Woman’s Day

Staying Younger Longer: Eating the Right Foods Can Help Prolong Life, special issue, 2005

Other Publications

Pace Alumni Magazine, Profile of the Women’s Justice Center, Summer 2004

Inside Magazine: Health Columns, 1992

Applause Magazine: Smart Money Columns, 1992

Art Expo Preview Magazine, How to Start an Art Business without Any Money, March 1987


Iris, a journal of the University of Virginia, “In the Ferry’s Wake,” Winter 1996